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This signature package is an 8-week intensive aimed at transforming your financial circumstances. Meet weekly to re-establish a new relationship with money, establish your net worth, and create a plan to grow it.

8-Week Financial Freedom Intensive


 1:1 Coaching Session

This 90-minute, one on one session is a crash course tailored for your specific needs on personal finance. Comes with calculating your net worth, writing out a budget, and learning the basics of investing and wealth building through index funds


Public Speaking 

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Hear From Previous Clients


Working with Ashleigh has been one of the best investments I've made to improve my financial literacy. Learning about money can be overwhelming, especially when you've made mistakes you're ashamed of. Ashleigh approaches the work with the skill of a holistic and trauma-informed practitioner. She consistently and gently met me where I was at and helped me move through my emotional blockages with kindness and ease. The other thing I've loved about working with Ashleigh is that she doesn't data dump (the process of dropping a bunch of important information on you and expecting you to catch up). She educates on practical financial details in a way that motivated me to want to learn more (because she makes financial literacy seem possible!). I highly recommend investing in any course she puts out along with personalized coaching if you can.