Catch This Currency

Before you ever see a shift in your bank account, it first must happen in your mind. This course goes deep into how you view money and what happened to build that perspective. 

Recognize your limiting beliefs and your emotional money behaviors so you can overcome them. Then we put in the work to creating a system that makes you wealthy. 

My First 100K

Building your way to 100K but don't know where to start? 

Making the first 100 is all about teaching your money to do all the heavy lifting, so that it's working harder than you. This course starts you with the helps you turn your money on autopilot. That way, while you're living your best life, it's working its way to 100K. 

Solo travel

Listen - you don't have to wait on your friends to get their stuff together to travel. You didn't wait to get your finances together, why should you wait to travel? Alone doesn't have to mean lonely, if you plan it right.

There's a whole world out there waiting for you to explore it. I can help you plan your trip, plan for safe transportation and places to stay, and start prepare for the trip of a life time.