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Your Life.
Your Way.
Your Terms.

Are you ready to make your finances work for you (instead of the other way around)? Well, I got you girlfriend! I want nothing more than to see you dominating your finances and owning your monetary potential.

Because at the end of the day, we need more women like you to have deeper pockets. We need more people with your insight, experience, and passion to make this world a safer, kinder place. So get those bank and credit card statements let’s make some money!


Catch This Currency

Catch This Currency is the one-stop shop for everything you need to know to get your finances on track. But this course isn’t just about knowing more, it’s about becoming more. A mix of inner work, reflection, and financial advice, this 5-week course helps you find that not only has your wallet changed, but you have, too.


The Quiet First Step To Achieving Wealth

This is for the girlies that have felt insecure about personal finances. If you have tried to learn about money before and just don't feel like personal finances is *your thing,* it's probably because you're missing the most important step. Come discover about the very first step to learning about money

1 on 1 Financial Coaching

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My First 100K

Want a resource that talks about how to get your finances in order, but want to do it on your own time, in your own way? My First 100K is designed to help you make it to that first 6-figure net worth mark by giving you the cut and dry layout of how to make your finances work for you. Whether that’s looking at your retirement plan, budgeting, or debt management, you can get started on making Your First 100K.

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