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Ashleigh Evans

Combining subconscious reprogramming and personal finance to help you make your wildest money goals a reality



Achieving the act of accumulating enough income producing assets to pay for one's cost of living, enabling a life in which time-traded labor becomes optional

Meet Me, Ashleigh Evans

Ashleigh is a real estate investor, solo traveler, and entrepreneur who's made it her mission to gain more people access to financial independence and freedom.

The daughter of two military Officers, it seemed like Ashleigh's career as a military officer was written in the stars. Though she was raised by a single mother on military bases like Okinawa, Japan and Rota, Spain, Ashleigh took after her father, developing a reputation of being vocal and opinionated. She became impassioned about social justice and spoke out against racism and inequality anywhere she perceived it. 

It would bring her six-year military career to an abrupt ending. 

The termination of her military career not only taught Ashleigh about the necessity of multiple streams of income, but it would also give Ashleigh a second opportunity at life. Two weeks after separating from active duty service, Ashleigh bought a one-way ticket to Johannesburg, South Africa and traveled throughout the continent for a month. She would then travel through Europe, visiting fourteen countries within four months.


Still passionate about social justice, Ashleigh empowers Black and Brown communities with the knowledge to control their own destinies with their finances. She has been featured in Travel Noire, Forbes, and more.


She is a nurse-midwifery student at the Yale School of Nursing.   


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