Ashleigh Evans

Because the only obligation you are truly born with

is the one you inherently have to yourself 

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My Story

It hit me - was leaving my safe, cushy job as a division officer in the Navy for good. No more first and the fifteenth, no more guaranteed paychecks. Any and every dollar I made would be the result of my own personal effort. What's worse, the Navy told me couldn't start my dream program at Yale; my entire plan came crashing down.


And I couldn't have been more excited. I had never felt more free.


I deferred from Yale for a year, saved $15,000, and sold one of my two rental properties for six figures. 

Then I left. 

I spent 10 days in Zambia, one night in Botswana, and one night in Johannesburg. I danced the night away in Zanzibar, ate ice cream in Qatar, and rode along the canals in Amsterdam. 

And now I'm here to teach you to do the same. 

There's three steps to living the life you dream of. The first is mastering your mindset. The second, mastering your finances, the third is enjoying the fruits of your labor. 

And can help you along the way.


How I Can Help You